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Vented ejector pins solve the persistent problem of gas traps in molds where traditional venting methods clog. Gas traps lead to high scrap levels, cracking and weak parts that can lead to rejections and lost profits. Solve the issue with Vented Ejector Pins that are 10—15 times the volume of venting over traditional venting. These are a drop in replacement for industry standard ejector pin sizes. This patent pending design is made from H-13 and produced with metal 3D printing and ground to exacting tolerances for a proper fit. A full dense outer surface ensures smooth fit and consistent wear and an integrated porous core (20-30 microns) enables gas to pass through the face of the pin and vent out to atmosphere on the side of the pin through ports. These pins are suitable for all typical filled and unfilled grades of plastic resin.


Adapting these pins into the mold is simple and offers flexibility to adjust to the proper length and contour. Each pin comes with an EDM finish at the tip for maximum venting.

Follow these simple steps to fit into the mold:

  1. Cut overall length to rough pin size at threaded end (DO NOT CUT FROM TIP OF PIN)
  2. Finish grind precision length of pin from threaded end and clean thread start
  3. Thread D Head onto rod so D Head and pin are flush
  4. Tighten 4-40” set screws with .050 Allen key
  5. Install in mold and assemble mold with clearance for ports to atmosphere
  6. Optional: Contour tip of pin with EDM or grinding to match part contour (NOTE: It is recommended to EDM face to maintain open pores for venting however grinding can also be effective with light pressure)


Maintaining these pins will keep them working for the life of your mold in the most demanding molding environments.

Recommended for ensuring proper function:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning at each mold Presentative Maintenance (PM) cycle
  • Use a dry rust preventative as a mold preservative when not in production
  • Avoid mold releases and other sprays that will clog vent

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