Highly effective cooling by technical design! 

Highly effective cooling by technical design! 
Getting the most out of your tooling does not always mean speed or efficiency, there must be a balance between speed and quality. Selecting the right tool steel is critical to wear and performance long term. 

Innovative part designs require innovative tool designs.

Difficult to cool molds are no problem for NXC MFG with our innovative cooling designs. We couple our decades of tooling experience with the limitless boundaries of additive tooling to make the most efficient tooling possible. Consistent cooling guarantees cycle time reduction of 20-80% on average to while eliminating common molding defects. Our end-to-end solution provides you with the design, analytics and build to deliver tooling that exceeds industry standards for tool life.

Innovative Advantage:

  • Cooling where you need it the most, not “where you can squeeze it in”
  • Designing cooling that meet the product needs.
  • Tool Steels ensure long tool life with 420 Stainless and H-13
  • Cooling is balanced to thermal load to eliminate latent heat buildup.

The focus is to always build the most efficient tooling possible that enables faster cycle time, high part quality, and reduced wear. Get the most out of your tool design through increased analysis of what will work and what won’t. See below for how we work through a seamless end to end solution to provide the best possible outcome on your next tooling project or the option to have drop-in replacements ready for the next PM or refurbishment. 

Seamless integration!

As an end to end tooling solution provider, our goal is to work with your tool maker to provide a seamless integration of our technology. Our unique ability to work with your current tool design allows for an easy transition to conformal cooling. We are helping to solve the problem, not create one for the tool shop. 

How do we work?

What is the process for working with Next Chapter MFG?

  • Identify the issue with molding
  • Analysis of current tooling
  • Identify cooling solution using our unique design process
  • Formulate integration steps for finish product.
  • Get started!

Want more information?

During current times, we are focused on educating our customers the best way possible. While we may not be able to perform a lunch and learn like usual, we are open to creating a teams meeting and sharing info any way possible. Lets collaborate!

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