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Lower cycle times through innovative design and analysis.

Who does not want faster cycle times and increased productivity? Next Chapter’s end to end solution starts with creative designs, confirmed with rigorous simulation analysis, and then built using the highest quality tool steels. Our additive tooling delivers 20-80% cycle time savings over conventional tooling. This saves you money and improves your profitability.

End to end solutions utilizing data.

High conductive mold materials help reduce cycle time, but our conformal cooling solutions truly reduce cooling time within a part. This happens by placing cooling lines in the areas of the mold that limit cycle time. Created through DMLM in tool steels 420 Stainless and H-13 for long tool life.

  • 20-80% reduction in cycle time
  • Faster cycle time or its FREE
  • Eliminate latent heat buildup
  • Even balanced cooling rate
  • Increased part quality and lower scrap
  • Permanent solution, MILLION SHOT GUARANTEE!

Our conformal cooling can reach the tightest locations to not only increase cooling but help solve many issues plaguing a molding process.

Seamless Integration!

As an end to end tooling solution provider, our goal is to work with your tool maker to provide a seamless integration of our technology. Our unique ability to work with your current tool design allows for an easy transition to conformal cooling. NXC is helping to solve the problem, not create one for the tool shop. Let us do the work to analyze, plan, and implement a solution that will bring consistent results.

How do we Work?

What is the process for working with Next Chapter MFG?

  • Identify the issue with molding
  • Start analysis of current tooling
  • Identify cooling solution using our unique design process
  • Formulate integration steps for finish product
  • Get started!

NXC is up for the challenge, whatever is causing pain in your current molding process.

Want more information?

During current times, NXC is focused on educating our customers the best way possible. While we may not be able to perform a lunch and learn like usual, our team is open to creating a virtual meeting and sharing info any way possible. Let’s collaborate! Reply to this email to inquire about setting up a virtual meeting today.

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