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Here’s a sneak peak of how much $$$ you’re wasting each year by not making one simple swap:


Labor for QA


Material Scrap


Customer Rejection


Mold Downtime

What’s the Deal with Excess Costs?

Why is your company wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on pointless costs? Quite simply, it’s because of gas traps in your products. Conventional venting of the line does not properly vent the gas out of the mold. Venting the line is considered to be industry standard. Yet, venting the line leads to significant costs and it’s extraordinarily complex.

Instead, there is one simple swap you can make to eliminate gas trap-related costs and reputational damage. In our exclusive, FREE report, you’ll learn more about the injection molding industry’s dirty little secrets about gas traps and costly trends, such as the problems associated with the increasing use of recycled resins. You’ll also learn exactly how you can easily transition your operations to vent the part, not the line.

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