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The Easy Installation and Maintenance of Your New InnoVent Pins

Congratulations on your purchase of Next Chapter Manufacturing’s revolutionary pins made with InnoVent Technology. Your purchase will enable you to improve the operational efficiency of your injection molding, and significantly curb costs related to gas trap-related scrap. Furthermore, you’ll only need to replace a handful of standard ejector pins with our InnoVent pins for even complicated molds (about two to three of our pins are needed for a mold that would ordinarily require 100 traditional pins).

In short, you can look forward to eliminating hundreds of thousands of dollars of your annual expenses for less than $1,000 of our off-the-shelf pins made with InnoVent Technology. Here’s how to get started enjoying your ROI.

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Where to Install Your New Pins Made With InnoVent Technology?

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InnoVent Pin Installation Process

The InnoVent pin installation process is quick and easy, typically requiring less than an hour. Keep in mind that you can adjust the length and contour of the pins to suit your custom molds. Follow these easy steps to transform your production line:

  1. The tip of the pin features an EDM finish. This intentional characteristic allows for maximum venting, so it’s important to avoid cutting the tip of the pin. Instead, you can adjust for length by cutting at the threaded end.
  2. Complete the custom sizing process by grinding the threaded end.
  3. Thread the D head onto the rod. Ensure that the pin and D head are aligned and flush.
  4. Use a 0.050 Allen key to tighten the 4-40″ set screws.
  5. Place the pin into the mold and complete the mold assembly, being sure to provide for clearance for the injection port.

Although it is optional, you may sometimes choose to grind the EDM tip of the InnoVent pin. (Please do not cut the EDM tip.) We strongly recommend that you maintain the open pores in the EDM tip to allow for maximum venting. If need be, however, you may grind the tip using light pressure only.

InnoVent Pin Maintenance Procedures

Mold maintenance is a common pain point for injection molders, and the more complex a mold is, the more maintenance it typically requires. In fact, some molds may require maintenance as often as every five to seven days, resulting in production stoppages that reduce revenue. Since our InnoVent pins offer up to 15 times the amount of venting as traditional ejector pin venting, very little maintenance is required. However, we do recommend some routine maintenance to keep your InnoVent pins working at optimum levels throughout the life of each mold. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Each time you remove a mold from the production line for its Preventive Maintenance (PM) cycle, you should perform ultrasonic cleaning on the InnoVent pin. Ultrasonic cleaning machines offer an automated, hands-off clean for your convenience. Follow the directions for your particular brand and model of ultrasonic cleaning machine.
  2. When molds are not actively being used on the production line, apply a dry rust prevention product to keep the molds and InnoVent pins in good working condition.

Caution: Please do not use any other sprays or products, including mold releases. These products may result in premature clogging of the vent.

We’re confident you will enjoy improving operational efficiency and your company’s bottom line with the use of our InnoVent pins. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to our friendly team at (616) 383-9900 or email




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Our Guarantee

No-questions asked, 100% refund with a 90-day guarantee if we have not eliminated your venting defect. If you don’t love it within the first 90 days of installation, contact us and we’ll gladly refund your purchase price.

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