Injection molded parts are increasing in complexity with rib structures and geometry that traps gas in the mold with no way to effectively vent out the gas with conventional parting line vents. The truth is that you can never over vent a mold so when it comes to eliminating gas traps that lead to part brittleness, cosmetic defects, or areas of non-fill. Next Chapter’s venting solutions provides 10-100 times the volume of venting of a mold to completely exhaust gas in the mold while reducing injection pressures. This results in strong parts and elimination of defects to add to your company’s profitability.

Next Chapter vent solutions offer two distinct styles that give you the most versatile venting possible in your mold. The two styles of venting offered are micro pores and micro slots that are both formed using direct metal laser sintering to achieve optimal results. Micro pores style of venting offers pores of 20-30 microns for use with low viscosity resins that flash easily. Micro Slots are freer flowing and offer .001” wide slots like parting line vents and can be spaced as close as .050” apart. Micro Slots venting are perfect for high viscosity resins or where extreme gas traps and burning are prevalent. The Micro Pores will result in a stippled surface finish and the Micro Slots will show a small witness line in the location of the slot like an insert split line. Both styles of venting are considered non cosmetic and should be installed on the core side or B half of the mold in a non-cosmetic area. Some customers have textured venting with good results and the texturing will mask the stipple effect of the venting but will still be visible.

Next Chapter’s venting solutions are freer flowing than other popular sintered venting option which means that they are not prone to clogging between Preventative Maintenance cycles and can be easily cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning. In most cases the venting is self cleaning meaning that with each shot the pressure is pushing gas buildup through the vents into relief and avoiding clogging.

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