We produce custom plastic forming inserts using additive manufacturing which eliminates the constraints of subtractive machining methods and opens up unlimited tooling opportunities to push the limits of molding and maximize your profits.

With every component we produce it is our goal to deliver:

  • Optimized Conformal Cooling
  • Reduction in cycle time of 20%-80%
  • Strength of the components optimized for injection pressure
  • Eliminate hot spots in the mold
  • Drop in replacement for existing tooling
  • Flexibility in tight spaces (Actions, Pins, Cooling, Venting)
  • Rapid delivery of components in 7-14 days
  • Competitive pricing to subtractive methods
  • Tool steels + heat treatment for high volume reliability

After-market services:

  • Expedited Delivery in 3-5 days
  • On-Demand Spares – Reorder with Ease
  • Mold Doctor Rapid Repair Service
  • Mold Design + Moldflow Services
  • Scientific Injection Molding Process Development + Consulting

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