Hello. We are NXCMFG,
an Additive Tooling company

We are writing the Next Chapter in tooling by challenging how plastics are formed through innovative tooling solutions. We add to our client’s success through producing optimized tooling that makes quality parts in the most efficient cycles possible.

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We give you the competitive advantage by offering your customers faster cycles and improved part quality in 10-14 days


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We enable you to run at the cycle times below what you quoted, deliver quality in every part and ship on time


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Our digital solution guarantees your tooling is built the same way at a local level for global product launches


Case Study

Customer: Custom Injection Molder

Customer’s Goals: Eliminate residual heat buildup in lifter that results in a cycle time of 48 seconds

Cycle Time

Seconds Reduced
Per Cycle

Lead Time



Months Investment

NXCMFG Solution:

  • Utilized client CAD geometry for an off the shelf lifter and added 1/16” NPT water circuit
  • Set of 4 lifters delivered in 8 days
  • Drop in replacement solution with no change to mating steel components
  • Reduced Cycle time from 48 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Eliminated warp in part geometry
  • 18 seconds saved per cycle
  • 38% improvement in cycle time
  • $126,800 annual savings

Customer’s Needs:

  • Cooling circuit in lifter
  • Drop in replacement or minimal steel changes to retrofit
  • Reduce cycle time to be in line with quoted expectations

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