About us

We are NXCMFG, an Additive Tooling company

We are writing the Next Chapter in tooling by challenging how plastics are formed through innovative tooling solutions. We add to our client’s success by producing optimized tooling that makes quality parts in the most efficient cycles possible. 

How We Work

NXCMFG seamlessly integrates into your process to work as an extension of your company as an End-To-End Solutions provider for your most challenging molding applications

Who We Serve

Our scalable microfactory model services the global tooling market by producing tooling anywhere local manufacturing is required


Seamless integration into your moldmaking process to add value to your molds 

Plastics Processors

We enable you to run at the cycle times below what you quoted, deliver quality in every part and ship on time

OEMs + Tier 1s

Our digital solution guarantees your tooling is built the same way at a local level for global product launches

Our Purpose: Most Efficient Tooling Possible

Next Chapter Manufacturing is made of recognized leaders in the tooling and plastics industries with decades of experience in mold design, moldmaking and plastics processing. Next Chapter Manufacturing has consistently challenged the norms in the plastics industry to drive out waste in radical ways. Working in the plastics industry we understand how critical on time delivery, running at quoted cycle time and guaranteeing quality in every part is and it is our mission to simplify attaining your goals.


Core Values

Everything we do, we do with purpose and are unified around a set of core values that drives our identity and the value we add to our customers and end customers.


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