Conformal Cooling

The quest for reducing cycle time to save operational costs while improving part quality and dimensional stability is one of the largest challenges that injection molders face. Next Chapter’s Conformal Cooling solutions enables the most efficient cooling in the mold which has the biggest impact on cycle time and costs. The cooling time portion of a molding cycle is typically 40-80%. Conformal Cooling reduces the cooling time by 50% on average, resulting in an overall cycle time reduction of 20-50%. High volume production can easily result in savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year back into your profits.

Conformal cooling places active cooling in the hot spots of the mold to eliminate latent heat buildup that results in defects like blush, warp, and dimensional instability. Consistent mold temperature will ensure consistent cooling rate which is key to successful molding. Previously this consistency was only available using high thermal transfer materials like copper beryllium. While they offer excellent heat transfer these materials are soft and do not withstand the rigors of molding engineered resins and glass filled resins. Next Chapter builds using true tool steels that are proven to deliver wear resistance over the life of your mold. We use H-13 and 420 Stainless as our most popular materials to deliver what is most important to you; high strength, wear resistant and corrosion free to keep you making good parts on time. Our conformal cooling components can achieve a hardness of up to 56 HRC hardness. We can deliver beyond that up to +85 HRC hardness using popular secondary treatments like nitriding, Dynablue and PVD coatings (Zirconium Nitride and Titanium Nitride). Using true tool steels along with our most innovative designs to solve your toughest molding challenges is what we do every day to ensure your success.

Conformal Cooling Applications

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