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The Industry-Disrupting InnoVent Pins by Next Chapter Manufacturing

Looking for a way to increase profits by reducing scrap while improving part quality? Next Chapter Manufacturing is pleased to introduce our revolutionary InnoVent Pins, which are saving injection molders hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. We’ve poured countless hours of research, design, and painstaking field testing into it, and the result is a next generation mold component that is quickly becoming the industry standard for venting.

Multiple diameters and head thicknesses available for our
off-the-shelf InnoVent Pins that will fit most molds, ready to ship today!

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What Will Traditional Vent Solutions Cost You?

Most injection molders use traditional venting methods like parting line and ejector / core pin venting to solve tough gas trap issues. These seem economical at face value but once in production over time vents get clogged, hobbed in or just do not provide enough volume of venting to do the job so scrap raises, or quality rejections happen that cost molders valuable profits. For example, if you’re running a four-cavity mold 500K shots each year, you have vents that gets clogged or parting line vents get hobbed in you could incur a scrap rate of 8-10%, which could cost you $80,000 – $100,000 annually to your bottom line.

What’s more, traditional venting solutions require a great deal of maintenance like cleaning the mold in the press every few hours. You may need to take the mold out of production every few days for cleaning. This will cost you approximately $40,000 – $50,000 each year in technician cleaning labor and manual inspection personnel (sorting / rework) costs, along with about 600-800 hours of mold downtime for another $50,000 – $60,000 per year. And it doesn’t stop there… how about your reputation to the client if bad parts are shipped?

Customer rejections can cost $100,000 to upwards of $1 million per year—and that doesn’t even include the damage inflicted on your professional reputation.

The real question isn’t: “How much will InnoVent Pins cost?”

It’s actually: “How much will it cost me NOT to use InnoVent Pins?”


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InnoVent Pins are Transforming the Injection Molding Industry

At Next Chapter Manufacturing, we believe in building the most efficient tooling possible. The injection molding industry is in dire need of transformation that enable molders to achieve world class scrap rates below 1% and maximize OEE. Instead of venting the parting line, why not directly vent the part area. Our pins made with InnoVent Technology offer up to 15 times the amount of venting that conventional venting solutions provide. We guarantee you can look forward to the elimination of gas traps and pin clogging, and the significant reduction in costs associated with defects or your money back.

Plus, our pins made with InnoVent Technology are:

  • Low maintenance, requiring only ultrasonic cleaning in a typical PM cycle
  • Dual-purpose, providing both venting and ejection

Proactive when it comes to reducing wear and tear on molds. 

In short, we’re setting the new standard for the injection molding industry.

Multiple diameter and head thicknesses available for our
off-the-shelf InnoVent Pins that will fit most molds, ready to ship today!

A Closer Look at the Details of Our InnoVent Pin

Our pins made with InnoVent Technology have a patent-pending design, they are manufactured with true steel tools such as 420 stainless steel and H-13. The result is reliable, high-performance tooling. Our off-the-shelf pins (custom sizes are also available) are available with rapid delivery and can be easily installed in less than one hour. Consider the following features:

  • Eliminate gas traps in molded parts
  • Variable density steel permits gas flow
  • 20 micron pores for all resins
  • 10-15 times more venting than typical ring vent ejector pin
  • Does not clog like sintered steel
  • Drop-in replacement for conventional ejector pins
  • Material: 3D Printed Tool Steel + PVD Coated
  • Ideal for improving part quality
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Custom sizes available at

When you decide that you’re tired of wasting thousands of dollars and countless man hours maintaining your traditional vent solutions, we’re here to provide hassle-free customer service. Click to order your new InnoVent Pins via our website. If you have a question or concern, you can reach out to us at (616) 383-9900 or

Multiple diameter and head thicknesses available for our
off-the-shelf InnoVent Pins that will fit most molds, ready to ship today!

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Our Guarantee

No-questions asked, 100% refund with a 90-day guarantee if we have not eliminated your venting defect. If you don’t love it within the first 90 days of installation, contact us and we’ll gladly refund your purchase price.

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