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At Next Chapter Manufacturing one of our Core Values is committed to Solving Tough Problems Through Deep Thinking. We develop innovative solutions that work to transform the injection molding industry by improving efficiency and profitability. In other words, our success is your success. Our team is comprised of experts who hold decades of experience in the mold and injection molding industry. Together, we’ve poured countless hours into the research, engineering, and testing of the most groundbreaking solutions available on the market today. It’s a manufacturing revolution, and we’re excited to have you experience it for yourself.

We Saw Some Problems…

There are a number of trends currently cutting into the profitability of injection molding operations. First, recycled resins are becoming far more commonplace. Unfortunately, recycled resins are far more prone to gas traps than virgin plastics. Secondly, the molds themselves are becoming far more complex, requiring more additives and resulting in more defects due to gas. While most manufacturers prefer to shoot for a 2% to 3% scrap rate, an 8% or higher scrap rate is far more common.

The rising cost of materials coupled with an increasingly high scrap rate results in less profitability for injection molders. That doesn’t even factor in the cost of labor for the manual inspections of molds that must be taken off the production line every five to seven days due to wear and tear. Nor does it consider the cost in loss of productivity for these activities, or the reputational damage inflicted when customers receive defective products.

…And We Fixed Them

Most additive manufacturers claim they can help you reduce your scrap rate, but the solutions they provide do not deliver adequate venting and so gas traps continue to pester injection molders. At Next Chapter, we’re shooting for a 0% scrap rate because we believe the industry should be far more efficient than it is. How, exactly, are we accomplishing this?

Quite simply, it’s all thanks to our engineering experts, who have developed a revolutionary pin made with InnoVent Technology that allows molders to vent the part, not the line. Our InnoVent Pin is a hot swappable, drop-in replacement for traditional vented ejector pins that do double-duty in providing both ejection and venting. In fact, our products offer 10 to 15 times the amount of venting you would receive from traditional vent solutions.

Furthermore, our patent-pending design does not clog, requires little maintenance, and eases the wear and tear damage on the mold. Plus, you’ll only need to replace two to three traditional vented ejector pins with our InnoVent Pins in a mold that would ordinarily require 100 traditional vented ejector pins. By using our off-the-shelf, easily installed pins made with InnoVent Technology, you can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Try them today and recoup your investment in a mere matter of weeks.

Why Choose NXC’s InnoVent Pins?

Molds are becoming increasingly complex, and injection molding with gassy recycled resins is becoming the norm. This means that an increasing prevalence of gas traps is driving up defect and scrap rates. Not only does this create unnecessary waste and increased expenses, but it also raises the potential for reputational damage. Our InnoVent Pins solve all of these problems by providing up to 15 times more venting than traditional ejector pin venting. Plus, they aren’t prone to clogging, inflict far less wear and tear on molds, and require very little maintenance.

It’s a win-win for injection molders, and those who resist upgrading to the new gold standard risk being left behind by the industry. 

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