Mold In A Day Technology

Dramatically Accelerate the Injection Molding Process with Mold In A Day Technology

Dramatically Accelerate the Injection Molding Process
with Mold In A Day Technology

 Supply chain disruptions have occurred at an unprecedented rate during the last couple of years. It’s a significant problem with many moving parts, and there is no one single solution to it. However, one American-based additive manufacturing company is meeting the challenge with an innovative new way to dramatically accelerate the injection molding process.


Next Chapter Manufacturing announces its transformative technology, “Mold in a Day” (MIAD), available for preview at the Plastics Technology Expo 2022, which is being held in Rosemont, IL from March 29-31.


Currently, it can take weeks or even months for the production tooling to be completed so that a mold can be used to produce parts with injection molding. This process can be used to create components for all types of industries, including automotive, household goods, construction, medical, and telecommunications. The time it takes to create the molds is one challenge contributing to the problem of bouncing back from supply chain disruptions.


“With Mold in a Day, we’re able to slash that timeline from weeks or months to a mere matter of hours,” says Jason Murphy of Next Chapter Manufacturing. “The mold is made to the same high quality and tolerance standards of conventional molds that take far longer to make with the speed of additive manufacturing. As a result, injection molders are able to begin churning parts off the line for time-critical products that are urgently needed by all sorts of industries, which essentially eliminates supply chain headaches for suppliers,” he added.


MIAD is made with an exceptionally durable, reinforced photopolymer. Like some other molds, MIAD is 3D-printed. Unlike other molds, MIAD is treated with a proprietary coating that offers up to 10 times the durability and longevity of other 3D-printed molds. As a result, difficult-to-use resins like filled resins, PBT, POM, PEEK, Ultem and engineered resins can be used to produce an average of 2,000 parts off one set of inserts. “Thanks to the remarkable engineering of MIAD, molders can use it for short-run production for far less expense and time than hard tooling,” said Jason Murphy. He noted that these attributes can help American-based molders to compete effectively with off-shore manufacturers.


MIAD technology can be applied to molds both simple and complex. It fits both standard mold bases and common MUD unit frames. Molders can use multiple iterations simultaneously, without the need for excessive engineering tweaks.


Next Chapter Manufacturing is showcasing their Mold in a Day technology at Booth 1119 at the Plastics Technology Expo 2022, and the company encourages molders to stop by the booth to learn more about MIAD technology. Next Chapter Manufacturing provides MIAD builds to existing mold designs, and also offers their own in-house design services, which can fit existing mold applications in just hours.


If you would like more information about Mold in a Day technology or the company’s presence at Plastics Technology Expo 2022, please contact Jason Murphy at CADs and RFQs may be emailed to that address for MIAD requests.

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